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  1. Watch our free educational video seminar.

    Discover everything you need to know about hearing loss and hearing aids before making the decision to invest in a solution. View our free, interactive, educational video designed to answer all of your questions about how you hear, the causes of hearing loss, and the multitude of solutions available to you.

  2. Want more information about hearing loss and hearing aids?

    Learn from other patients by reading or listening to them at the testimonials link. Take our free quiz for yourself, a loved one, or a child. Download our free Guide to better hearing. Explore our website which is continually being updated with the latest practical advice and information.

  3. Team work

    Partner with your audiologist to find out if you or a friend or family member is suffering from hearing loss and then work together as a team to determine the personalized solution for you or your loved one. Call 208-529-1514 to make an appointment for a complete hearing evaluation.

Success Story

Success Story

"I wanted to tell you that this has been very successful. My hearing aids have been very successful in hearing my granddaughter speak. She has a..."
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