I didn't realize how bad my hearing was until I got them (hearing aids). It opened up a whole new world to me. The people at work, I couldn't hear them before. I was always sitting off in a corner by myself, but now I can hear noises in the background, I can hear them without asking them to speak up. My voice volume alone was loud, and drove people away from me, and so I just really appreciate having the hearing aids, because my whole world is so much better.
Janet, Fall 2008

I've been going to Dr. Mill's, what did I say, 15 years ago? I think that he helped me a lot, because I was, I was completely without hearing at that time, I felt. And uh, I think he did a lot for me, but I think you have helped me probably, when I thought that I could not have any more help.

Jennie, Fall 2008

I came to Regional Hearing because another doctor sent me there, because I was having trouble with buzzing and different things in my ears, it wasn't working well. And we uh, took a bunch of tests and I was on the borderline of being able to get the hearing aid, because it was kind of right there. It didn't work out, so I did bring it back, and it was no problem. They took it back, with still being helping me out, and helping them out. Everything went well.
Leona, Fall 2008

I wanted to tell you that this has been very successful. My hearing aids have been very successful in hearing my granddaughter speak. She has a slightly high pitched voice, speaks very rapidly, and her voice is soft and on the telephone, and in person it is not always easy to pick up, and it is not easy to pick up what she says. Now it is much more successful and I am not losing the words that she has to tell me, and uh it has made a big difference in my being able to understand her. Has it made a difference in your relationship with her? (Audiologist) I wouldn't go so far as to say that it hasn't made a difference, because our relationship has been so good, however, it has made a difference to me because I feel as if I am not saying "yes" "yes" and not really knowing what she has said at all.
Marilyn, Fall 2008

I have worn hearing aids since about age 5. I was never to self conscious of them showing until about middle school. From then on I never felt like I could pull my hair up etc. in any way without being judged. The moment I heard about the lyric hearing device I made an appt with the Regional Hearing and Balance in Idaho Falls. The staff was extremely helpful and took the time to get to know me and my background. I was fitted with the lyric hearing device and couldn't be happier! It is completely invisible. Also it has made my life so much easier with not having to take it out before bed and showering. I'm also not running to the store every time my hearing aid battery dies. Life has made a big improvement since I've began wearing the Lyric. I have been to many audiologist centers growing up and I am very pleased with Regional Hearing and their services.
RJ, June 2010

It's been a pleasure getting these hearing aids. It's not the first pair that I've had and the last pair were not at all satisfactory. They sometimes made things louder and the funny frequencies and things like that. These have been real nice. I have been able to have conversations without having to ask people to repeat things, which is embarrassing for me. It's a pleasure to not have to do that anymore. They are just clear and are really easy to use, easy to understand. So I've enjoyed this set of hearing aids.

One added advantage to these, that I haven't had before, is this Bluetooth. So that if my telephone rings it rings directly into my hearing aids, and I can turn it on or I can move it to voice mail if I want to. And that's been great the phone call comes in really great into my ears. Just occasionally, I get a funny look from someone who thinks I am talking to myself. The Bluetooth addition has really been an advantage especially in louder places where the phone call is directly into your ear.
F. M.

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Success Story

"I came to Regional Hearing because another doctor sent me there, because I was having trouble with buzzing and different things in my ears,..."
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